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SOGO System
We base our success on two fundamental pillars: precise work systems; And a structure dedicated to Outsourcing. We submit everything to continuous improvement and ISO certification, and we obtain a work system capable of absorbing and managing projects with international quality requirements.

Work system
We have developed a system of work in order to maintain precise control of each and every one of the operations that we perform.
This system, among other things, covers personnel control, defect control, production line operating standards, operations documentation, environmental policies, etc.
Here are some examples of how we work:
Immediate attention to problems in the product or service (operators) through ISO.
Robust policies, regulation and monitoring for the control of human resources.
Description, control and monitoring of the activities of each operator and supervisor.
Management of indicators at all levels for control and decision-making.
Customized web system for the administration of the Human Resource.
Payroll through electronic banking.

Structure dedicated to Outsourcing
SOGO has a structure developed to deal in detail in the macro and micro the Outsourcing needs of our customers.