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In the Industrial Outsourcing division we specialize in two main elements: human resources and production. So our clients can get from the outsourcing of a temporary operator to the complete management of a production line or functional area. Our experience, as well as our systems are basically adapted to all industries.   A bit of history   SOGO industrial group was founded in 2004 as a solutions company in metalworking. Six years later, the SOGO Outsourcing division was created, initiating Ford Hermosillo plant operations as managers throughout the SPC area.   The Sogo-Ford dumbbell   Based on results, we have gained the trust of our Ford customer and currently we are the exclusive supplier of subassemblies, reworks, and we continue with the SPC area. These and other projects have opened the door to more companies and has positioned us as the best option of Outsourcing for the area.   Next Steps   Our firm objective is to continue optimizing the processes of more clients through our industrial Outsourcing services, recognized by the excellent results, whose base is born of its precise work systems and its dedicated structure.