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About us
We specialize in metalworking for the design, manufacture and maintenance of metal structures such as racks, containers, and pallets of any type and complexity. Being such a wide use of these products, our services apply to almost any industry.
- Aerospace
- Automotive
- Foods
- Textile
- Cementery
- Minera
- Agroindustry
- And more...
We are the source of several solutions
Hand in hand with our sister division of machining, you can create complex integrated solutions such as semi automated or automated work tables, fixtures, etc. In addition, among SOGO's commercial agreements, there are transport companies, which increases the advantage for our customers in terms of coverage, times, flexibility and a lower total cost.
Our geographic positioning allows our clients who can take advantage of our experience, equipment, and leadership from anywhere in Mexico.
Installed capacity
Metalworking Division was the first of all SOGO companies. That is why the work is backed by experience, perseverance, results, and the long list of clients with whom they maintain lasting relationships. Our work system allows us to absorb projects on a large scale, as we have infrastructure in equipment, space and 3 production shifts.

We know that infrastructure is fundamental to the growth of the hand with the response to our customers. That is why we have a wide variety of equipment that translates into specialized, fast, quality and scalable processes for the attention of large projects.
Production area of ​​1500m2.
Liquid paint area.
Electrostatic painting area.
Thermal treatment area.
Area of ​​cuts.
Equipment for micro-wire.
Industrial cutters.
Stamping machine.
Bending machine.
Forklift truck.
Main metalworking services
Design, manufacture and maintenance of all types of:
Metal Containers
Steel Racks
Metal pallets
Any of our services is tailor-made and to the exact specifications of each project.

Reusable metal solutions:
Durability is one of the factors most demanded by users. This is one of the conditions that our metal solutions fulfill. SOGO Metalmecánica designs, manufactures and maintains both multi-purpose metal mesh containers, custom steel racks, metal pallets and many other products related to the metalworking industry.
The engineering team of SOGO Metalmecánica works together with the client to develop the optimal solution. Reusable metal solutions are an excellent alternative. SOGO Metalmecánica has more than 10 years of experience in this sector and in many places can be found in use our products.

Advantages of reusable metal solutions:
Extremely strong.
Long service life.
They can be completely customized.
It has a large number of finishes.
They can be labeled.
Easy drive.
Excellent protection of the product.

The automotive sector:
SOGO serves a large number of industries, however the automotive sector is a good example of the use of our metal solutions. Because the product protection, transportation and handling conditions of this sector are very specific, expert support is required throughout the process, from engineering to implementation over time.
SOGO Metalmecánica supplies to this industry specific solutions for a wide range of products, including Motors, Safes, Fascias, Boards, Escapes, Fenders, Sequence Dollies, Rear Suspension, Front Suspension, Casings, Doors, Pillars, Rear Floor , Front Floor, GOR, LRS, Tires, etc.
Our flag; the quality
At SOGO we focus on providing products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers. This is achieved by an absolute adherence to all specifications, constant improvements to processes and the development of skill levels of technicians.
Our clients are world-class transnational corporations. We know well the requirements, and the necessary requirements to offer services that comply with the policies and needs of this industry. And our best letter of introduction is the lasting relationships of customers who recommend us.
Comprehensive engineering services
Achieving customer benefits
Working in product development teams is something SOGO has experience with. This engineering support is maintained from the beginning of the design process and during all stages of development. In this way we achieve significant savings in costs and ensure success.
The client can provide the design in drawings, a sample, etc. Whatever the case, we have a group of expert engineers who can take your project from any part of the process it is in.
A complete process entails:
Analysis of the need
Design proposal and corrections
Product final design
Funcionality test
Fine tunning

At any point that has it, we take it back.