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In the Industrial Outsourcing division we specialize in two main elements: human resources and production. So our clients can get from the outsourcing of a temporary operator to the complete management of a production line or functional area. Our experience, as well as our systems are basically adapted to all industries.   A bit of history   SOGO industrial group was founded in 2004 as a solutions company in metalworking. Six years later, the SOGO Outsourcing division was created, initiating Ford Hermosillo plant operations as managers throughout the SPC area.   The Sogo-Ford dumbbell   Based on results, we have gained the trust of our Ford customer and currently we are the exclusive supplier of subassemblies, reworks, and we continue with the SPC area. These and other projects have opened the door to more companies and has positioned us as the best option of Outsourcing for the area.   Next Steps   Our firm objective is to continue optimizing the processes of more clients through our industrial Outsourcing services, recognized by the excellent results, whose base is born of its precise work systems and its dedicated structure.

SOGO System
We base our success on two fundamental pillars: precise work systems; And a structure dedicated to Outsourcing. We submit everything to continuous improvement and ISO certification, and we obtain a work system capable of absorbing and managing projects with international quality requirements.

Work system
We have developed a system of work in order to maintain precise control of each and every one of the operations that we perform.
This system, among other things, covers personnel control, defect control, production line operating standards, operations documentation, environmental policies, etc.
Here are some examples of how we work:
Immediate attention to problems in the product or service (operators) through ISO.
Robust policies, regulation and monitoring for the control of human resources.
Description, control and monitoring of the activities of each operator and supervisor.
Management of indicators at all levels for control and decision-making.
Customized web system for the administration of the Human Resource.
Payroll through electronic banking.

Structure dedicated to Outsourcing
SOGO has a structure developed to deal in detail in the macro and micro the Outsourcing needs of our customers.
Outsourcing of production lines In situ & ex situ
Thanks to our system of work and our structure dedicated to Outsourcing, we can efficiently handle the full spectrum that involves a production line. According to each project, this activity is performed both inside and outside the client's premises.

The integral management of a production line includes:

Human Resources
One of the main benefits for the client is that at SOGO we absorb all the administrative and financial burden; We take all legal responsibility; Manage the logistics and transportation of staff; And we take full control of the supervision and performance of each worker.

I work with suppliers
We have extensive experience in the interaction with suppliers of any product or service related to the processes of our customers. We know that constant dealing with suppliers is necessary to be able to handle efficiently in the field of industrial production. We participate in: assortment analysis; Claims for quality; Engineering changes; Among others.

Quality standards
Managing production lines requires the domain and use of high quality standards. Part of our success as a SOGO is due to continuous improvement in our work systems and the use of tools and quality indicators. We improve aspects such as: workloads; defects; scrap; efficiency; unemployed; etc.

Tools and Machinery
We are in constant contact with the tools and machinery used in the processes we manage. We have developed the ability to manage aspects such as: maintenance; efficiencies; Unforeseen problems; changes; among others.

Each SOGO supervisor dominates the previous points of human resource management, dealing with suppliers, managing quality standards, and managing tools and machinery. He also knows that he is supported by a whole structure of work and this way he can focus on: reception of personnel; Shift starts; Maintenance of order and cleaning; Attention to line problems; dealing with suppliers; supervision of staff; Maintenance of quality standards; industrial Security; Daily activity report; etc.
Outsourcing of complete functional areas

The essence of the manufacturing industry is production. However, there are other areas necessary for the proper functioning of the entire system. Thanks to the results obtained with the Outsourcing of production lines, SOGO has entered with excellent results to the total management of different areas and departments.


The benefits for the client are immediate, since from the beginning any project we take, has the backing of our entire structure and work system. So from the beginning the human resource, logistics, quality standards, supervision, etc. are guaranteed.



Some areas with total management experience:


SPC: Staff templates in charge of measuring, capture, report generation and data transmission. They focus on: body, crystals, tires, etc.


Information Systems: Activities focused on the administration, capture and analysis of defects through the QLS and FIS system.


Damage: Team responsible for the analysis and identification of vehicle damage problems, as well as the subsequent monitoring and determination of causes.


Repairs: Comprehensive work equipment focused on the repair of specific parts of the vehicle. In charge of the logistics of the movement of units that enter and leave your area.

Outsourcing of personnel of any profile


The current dynamism of the industry creates a constant need for personnel. SOGO, has the necessary elements that make it the best outsourcing provider option to give an effective and efficient solution to these needs. We have a system of work and a structure dedicated to Outsourcing, which allows us to meet without difficulty the temporary needs of our customers' personnel. In addition, we do it under the same standards of quality and passion with which we serve large projects of outsourcing of complete lines of production or departments. Here some of our services in temporary outsourcing. Reworks: Operators dedicated to the containment of problems inside or outside the customer's production lines. SOGO has strong maturity in the set-up and administration of massive groups of rework with high dynamism, even under a complex logistics of attention and monitoring of personnel, performance and quality. Campaigns: Personnel organized in working groups solving a defined problem of the client. Wide experience in logistics through different yards and internal operation of industrial plants, as well as the tools necessary to carry out campaigns of any size. Inspections, drawings and / or recovery: Workers with high attention to detail, focused on the evaluation, review and / or recovery of materials or finished product. Dynamism to adapt to constant changes in inspection processes. Strict adherence to the processes and the follow-up to the planning established by the client.