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About us
We specialize in the manufacture of highly complex and low-tolerance parts and products that apply to a wide variety of industries and needs:
- Aerospace
- Automotive
- Foods
- Textile
- Cementery
- Minera
- Agroindustry
- And more...
We are the source of several solutions
As a SOGO Group, in addition to high precision machining, our divisions can be combined to meet a wide range of industry requirements. This means that SOGO means competitive advantage for our customers thanks to the optimization of time, flexibility and the total lower cost.
Our geographic positioning allows our clients who can take advantage of our experience, equipment, and leadership from anywhere in Mexico.
Installed capacity
Work system
Combining talented engineers, machinists, advanced equipment, and control processes; SOGO achieves efficiency and quality in the processes. Not conforming, our division continues to improve thanks to:
National Quality Standards
Real-time control processes (SPC)
Efficiency in using manufacturing cells for high volume production
Engineering design for modeling

We have state-of-the-art technology that results in high output and consistency in quality. Our engineering team designs processes to efficiently cost customers.
CNC Lathes.
CNC machining centers with 3 and 4 axes.
Measurement tools.
Clean rooms in process COFEPRIS.
Quality control area.
Assembly area
Packing area.
Heat treatment equipment.
Electrostatic painting equipment.
Transformation processes and services
Using all our installed capacity and the extensive technical knowledge of our staff, several processes are carried out that allow us to perform both pieces and assemblies of different types.
Our service revolves around manufacturing low or high volume production parts, with 3 shifts available.
Manufacture of parts
Irregular Geometries
Metal or plastic production parts
Machining of parts in 3 and 4 axes
Manufacture of assemblies
Work tables
Types of material used
Engineering plastics.
Stainless steels.
Aluminum and alloys.
Stainless steel.
Quality from start to finish
At SOGO we focus on providing products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers. This is achieved by an absolute adherence to all specifications, constant improvements to processes and the development of skill levels of technicians. In addition, real-time statistical processes that constantly monitor key processes during manufacturing to maintain a consistency in quality.
Accreditations of the division
COFEPRIS certification process
ISO 9001: 2008 certification process
Quality certificate Sonora
Comprehensive engineering services


Achieving customer benefits   Working in product development teams is something SOGO has experience with. This engineering support is maintained from the beginning of the design process and during all stages of development. In this way we achieve significant savings in costs and ensure success.   Flexibility   The client can provide the design in drawings, a sample, etc. Whatever the case, we have a group of expert engineers who can take your project from any part of the process it is in.   A complete process entails:   Analysis of the need Design proposal and corrections Product final design Manufacturing Funcionality test Fine tunning At any point that has it, we take it back.