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Main metalworking services
Design, manufacture and maintenance of all types of:
Metal Containers
Steel Racks
Metal pallets
Any of our services is tailor-made and to the exact specifications of each project.

Reusable metal solutions:
Durability is one of the factors most demanded by users. This is one of the conditions that our metal solutions fulfill. SOGO Metalmecánica designs, manufactures and maintains both multi-purpose metal mesh containers, custom steel racks, metal pallets and many other products related to the metalworking industry.
The engineering team of SOGO Metalmecánica works together with the client to develop the optimal solution. Reusable metal solutions are an excellent alternative. SOGO Metalmecánica has more than 10 years of experience in this sector and in many places can be found in use our products.

Advantages of reusable metal solutions:
Extremely strong.
Long service life.
They can be completely customized.
It has a large number of finishes.
They can be labeled.
Easy drive.
Excellent protection of the product.

The automotive sector:
SOGO serves a large number of industries, however the automotive sector is a good example of the use of our metal solutions. Because the product protection, transportation and handling conditions of this sector are very specific, expert support is required throughout the process, from engineering to implementation over time.
SOGO Metalmecánica supplies to this industry specific solutions for a wide range of products, including Motors, Safes, Fascias, Boards, Escapes, Fenders, Sequence Dollies, Rear Suspension, Front Suspension, Casings, Doors, Pillars, Rear Floor , Front Floor, GOR, LRS, Tires, etc.