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Outsourcing of personnel of any profile


The current dynamism of the industry creates a constant need for personnel. SOGO, has the necessary elements that make it the best outsourcing provider option to give an effective and efficient solution to these needs. We have a system of work and a structure dedicated to Outsourcing, which allows us to meet without difficulty the temporary needs of our customers' personnel. In addition, we do it under the same standards of quality and passion with which we serve large projects of outsourcing of complete lines of production or departments. Here some of our services in temporary outsourcing. Reworks: Operators dedicated to the containment of problems inside or outside the customer's production lines. SOGO has strong maturity in the set-up and administration of massive groups of rework with high dynamism, even under a complex logistics of attention and monitoring of personnel, performance and quality. Campaigns: Personnel organized in working groups solving a defined problem of the client. Wide experience in logistics through different yards and internal operation of industrial plants, as well as the tools necessary to carry out campaigns of any size. Inspections, drawings and / or recovery: Workers with high attention to detail, focused on the evaluation, review and / or recovery of materials or finished product. Dynamism to adapt to constant changes in inspection processes. Strict adherence to the processes and the follow-up to the planning established by the client.