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Outsourcing of complete functional areas

The essence of the manufacturing industry is production. However, there are other areas necessary for the proper functioning of the entire system. Thanks to the results obtained with the Outsourcing of production lines, SOGO has entered with excellent results to the total management of different areas and departments.


The benefits for the client are immediate, since from the beginning any project we take, has the backing of our entire structure and work system. So from the beginning the human resource, logistics, quality standards, supervision, etc. are guaranteed.



Some areas with total management experience:


SPC: Staff templates in charge of measuring, capture, report generation and data transmission. They focus on: body, crystals, tires, etc.


Information Systems: Activities focused on the administration, capture and analysis of defects through the QLS and FIS system.


Damage: Team responsible for the analysis and identification of vehicle damage problems, as well as the subsequent monitoring and determination of causes.


Repairs: Comprehensive work equipment focused on the repair of specific parts of the vehicle. In charge of the logistics of the movement of units that enter and leave your area.