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Outsourcing of production lines In situ & ex situ
Thanks to our system of work and our structure dedicated to Outsourcing, we can efficiently handle the full spectrum that involves a production line. According to each project, this activity is performed both inside and outside the client's premises.

The integral management of a production line includes:

Human Resources
One of the main benefits for the client is that at SOGO we absorb all the administrative and financial burden; We take all legal responsibility; Manage the logistics and transportation of staff; And we take full control of the supervision and performance of each worker.

I work with suppliers
We have extensive experience in the interaction with suppliers of any product or service related to the processes of our customers. We know that constant dealing with suppliers is necessary to be able to handle efficiently in the field of industrial production. We participate in: assortment analysis; Claims for quality; Engineering changes; Among others.

Quality standards
Managing production lines requires the domain and use of high quality standards. Part of our success as a SOGO is due to continuous improvement in our work systems and the use of tools and quality indicators. We improve aspects such as: workloads; defects; scrap; efficiency; unemployed; etc.

Tools and Machinery
We are in constant contact with the tools and machinery used in the processes we manage. We have developed the ability to manage aspects such as: maintenance; efficiencies; Unforeseen problems; changes; among others.

Each SOGO supervisor dominates the previous points of human resource management, dealing with suppliers, managing quality standards, and managing tools and machinery. He also knows that he is supported by a whole structure of work and this way he can focus on: reception of personnel; Shift starts; Maintenance of order and cleaning; Attention to line problems; dealing with suppliers; supervision of staff; Maintenance of quality standards; industrial Security; Daily activity report; etc.